The Discovery Adventure
This is the perfect tour for ATV lovers. Enjoy unique landscapes and discover the history, nature, and culture

Price ATV for 1 person


Price ATV for 2 person



10:00 am, 3:00 pm


3 hours
This is the perfect tour for ATV lovers. Appropriate tour for children and adults, is a mix of nature, vegetation, adventure, wildlife, all in one guided experience, with steps through the forest, time to bath in the Arenal River, and a magnificent place for lovers of photography. They will be able to enjoy unique landscapes and discover the history, nature, and culture of the northern zone. Along the way, you will see the magnificent Arenal Volcano, the incredible views of the Fortuna Valley, and the impressive Arenal Volcano.
The tour will continue to the amazing and secret place of the Maleku, this is a group of indigenous people of the region, they will be able to enjoy the cultural interpretation that they show with so much passion to the tourists.
The next destination to visit is the ecological park, a place awarded for its positive impact on the environment, with a lake natural at the base of the Arenal Volcano, where the silhouette of the colossus is reflected Arenal; a perfect place to relax and be transported to the habitat of the Green Macaw, sloths, monkeys, among many other animals.

The Experience includes:

Certified Professional Guides
Safety Equipment for Riding
Bio Security Protocols
High Maintenance Quads
Test Driving

What do you need?

Valid driving license
Close shoes
Comfortable Clothing
A positive attitude for having fun and learning


Children must be 5 years old or over to ride as passengers
Need a valid driving license
You cannot drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drug
Weight limit 310 pounds
Pregnacy status

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