Jungle Tour

Trip Description

This is the perfect tour for the whole family to enjoy together.


Everyone will love our secret jungle trail which will lead you across rivers and through local wetlands.

You will see some of the surrounding scenery and talk about the history, nature, and culture of the area.

Along the way you’ll stop for a refreshing snack of local fruit. There are many chances to learn about the animals of the region as well as see them and snap their pictures!

What to Bring
What's Included
Pricing and Reservations

Jungle Tour

Single Standard ATV
Individual Quad
• $60

Shared Standard ATV
• 2 Person sharing 1 Quad
• $90

4 Seater Side-by-Side ATV
• 4 Person sharing 1 Quad
• $180

5 Seater Side-by-Side ATV
• 5 Person sharing 1 Quad
• $190

Start Time and Duration
• 12:00 PM (Noon)
• 2 hours

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