Mountain + Beach Tour

Trip Description

This tour is the perfect combination for exploring Beautiful Samara and its surrounding areas.


The tour will start going south passing the beautiful 6 km long Carrillo Beach and will soon start going uphill to explore the mountain and make several stops to capture amazing mountain views.

After a couple of river crossings, your guide will bring you to Buena Vista beach for a visit. Later you will finish your adventure at Barrigona beach, a secluded white sand beach with crystal blue water. It’s time to have a swim while your guide prepares a snack of fresh fruit

What to Bring
What's Included
Pricing and Reservations

Mountain + Beach Tour

Single Standard ATV
Individual Quad
• $85

Shared Standard ATV
• 2 Person sharing 1 Quad
• $130

4 Seater Side-by-Side ATV
• 4 Person sharing 1 Quad
• $200

5 Seater Side-by-Side ATV
• 5 Person sharing 1 Quad
• $210

Start Time and Duration
• 8:00 AM
• 3 hours

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